Anonymous asked hey, do you know where I can buy cheaper combat boots like Demi's?

try forever 21 maybe! I don’t really wear combat boots but everytime Ive been in there i’ve seen them :)

msloveato asked are you lesbian for demi ? 😏

haha who isnt!

meganlovatic asked Hey What feature of demi do you like the most?

her laugh her smile and her ass

Anonymous asked she's perfect :)

i agree :)

Anonymous asked hey do you know where I can find the ohoto of her in a misfits shirt getting her makeup done?

no sorry but if I see it I will post it or reblog it :)

9/17/13 - Demi Lovato on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ in Los Angeles.

9/29/13 - Demi Lovato leaving Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills.

9/29/13 - Taylor Swift + Demi Lovato leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.

9/3/13 - Demi Lovato arriving to her hotel in NYC.